Lendemain de mariage à Pégairolles de l'Escalette

Some things I noticed (understood ?) about the ceremonial

They left the village and left the cars, going toward Nature, back to history following up the roman track as Stephan back to his youth in Pegairolles stair-lanes.
Relatives and friends, from elders to younger (Anand), climbed hill and went down to the water, reached the secret area, grand-mothers staying up near the roman bridge, children entering the fresh water, intermediate generations staying on the different levels of stone platforms like in a genealogic tree.
There was fire and there was water ; there was stone flat levels, cleared and cleaned by spring storm torrent flow (as with a Karcher, as Stephane said), discovering even some new dinosaurs footsteps (natural history).
But as ancient people said, water is stronger than stone, and along centuries dug a valley along the mountain side. A special valley in fact, as Pegairolles valley is straight opened southward. During the ceremonial, a special square tissue, with cardinal letters NSEW embroidered on four corners, had the South corner turned toward South, as the heads of Stephane, Annemiek and Anand. It was mid-day, and the sun itself decided to stay on South at the same instant.
North-south is the direction of rotation axis between earth and sky (cardo in Latin language), and with the presence of the sun, the ceremonial was clearly related to the organisation of the world ; the Pegairolles valley being straight opened toward the south, local and cosmic have been in coherence in such a sunny Sunday.
Everybody have been involved ; involved by getting this area, hard way  for some tired legs ; involved in collecting some natural object, little stone, branch, leaf or flower, used to delimit the square ceremonial area (previously prepared using a magic broom over which the two Masters flight directly from the village).
Involved by singing together, even if everybody singing his own preferred song, but in special harmony built by according everybody's first note to one of the Master's first note, itself certainly according to waterfall bottom music. The most enlightened music lover, the young Anand, specially appreciated this new musical performance he could hear very distinctly, staying in the centre of the circle of singers ; the two grand-mothers, staying higher along the roman bridge, heard a more synthetic sound may be so different that one of them, suddenly inspired by this special music, decided to cross the bridge perhaps reminding this other song "Il suffit de paser le pont, c'est tout de suite l'aventure...". From downward along the water, it appeared then that this half-circle arch, reflecting in the water, was just like the wedding rings Stephane and Annemiek exchanged on the previous day.
Thanks to both Masters from Europe and Asia for such a Yin and Yang performance. They symbolically resided up in the Castle, but crossed the village where stair-lanes provide little family open-air theatre and meeting places. Everybody went down to the water, and then crossed the village bridge with the Blessed Virgin statue opening the way for City Hall, space for Marriage and other little convivial opportunities.


太 阳的星期日

他们离开了从村, 离开了汽车,去过大自然,回去历史用罗马老道Stephane 回去他的孩子Peg楼梯小道。家人, 朋友,更老的人和更小 (安安)都一起上了山还下了倒水,到秘密的地方。两个祖母和留了上边罗马桥不远,孩子们下了在冷水里放脚,别的青年人和大人在岩石楼梯;都一起很像家人总 谱画儿。
古人说水比岩石很有力的,在山边做了山谷,真南方开的。仪式的时候,一个毛巾有南,北,东,西 上汉字刺绣上放在Stephane,Annemiek 和安安的面子,南汉字为南方定向的。在中午,太阳也在南方过了。
每个人都参加 ; 带来小岩石,带来树枝,叶子,带来小花。用扫帚起飞来的魔术师住女人,放了那些东西做正方形的地方。每个人也唱自己的歌曲,有和声一起每个人的歌曲,主人 的歌曲,何谁的歌曲。安安,最有名的音乐家,很喜欢了这样音乐。
两个祖母听得号那些歌曲都一起,觉得很好听,一个祖母就决定过桥, 因为Il suffit de paser le pont, c'est tout de suite l'aventure...
从下边看,桥的圆很像结婚戒指Stephane 和Annemiek 换了前天。
感谢两个欧洲和亚洲主女人, 做阴阳这样魔术成绩。他们象征性的住上在城堡里,可是下了过村到何变,过村桥,过了在圣母玛利亚前面,上了到市政府 : 在哪个地方Stephane 和Annemiek结婚了, 还有别的友好的小庆祝会。

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